At Atavus, we have analyzed the performance data of the 2023 season from over 172 games through our Tacklytics system. The numbers confirm what coaches have already seen – a significant improvement in defense due to better fundamentals.

Our team of analysts and video tracking capabilities in Tacklytics provide real-time feedback to players on tackling techniques to reinforce proper coaching. This season, the widespread improvement in skills such as strike timing, leverage, and footwork into contact led to significant progress in critical metrics. The data proves that proper coaching in tackling leads to positive results. Our clients at Atavus experienced breakthroughs in proficiency, efficiency, safety, and culture-shifting belief with our responsive insights.

Some of the results include:

  • Overall record: 121-51
  • Win percentage: 73%
  • Points allowed per game: 19.7
  • Point differential per game: +14

The most significant indicators of improved tackling proficiency include:

  • Tackle effectiveness: 61% (up from 60% prior average)
  • Tackles made percentage: 77% (up from 75% previous average)
  • Yards after contact per attempt: 1.8
  • Head contact percentage: 5% (down from 6% prior average)

These metrics demonstrate that proper tackling technique reinforced through Tacklytics’ weekly feedback and coaching pays dividends in improved proficiency, efficiency, and safety.

Marquette University is a significant contributor to the breakthroughs made possible by Tacklytics. After a disappointing 5-6 record in 2022, the coaching staff used the system’s feedback on technique flaws to improve pad level, strike timing, and contact balance during off-season drills. This tackling refinement led to an incredible turnaround, with a 12-2 record and a state title win for Marquette University.

New clients also displayed rapid gains in their first season on the system. One Georgia high school improved tackle effectiveness from 60% to 69% in just one campaign. This proficiency fueled 25 more tackles for loss and 44 additional point differential per game than the prior season. While their state playoff run fell short in the semifinals, their defensive turnaround showed promise for a championship in the future.

Tacklytics clients won three state titles in 2023:

– Liberty Christian School (Argyle, TX)

– Marquette University High School (Milwaukee, WI)

– St. Thomas More High School (Lafayette, LA)

Properly coached tackling skills, afforded through Tacklytics’ video analysis and responsive feedback, helped playoff contenders emerge at all levels. As state title winners can attest, there is no substitute for precision and belief that tackling shapes champions.

Interest continues to build heading into 2024 after this past season showcased substantial gains unlocking tackling potential. Tacklytics’ proven system impact promises to spark another wave of adoption next year.

“Atavus has played a huge role in improving our defense over the past two seasons.  We rely heavily on weekly analysis of our game film.  Our athletes compete to have the highest tackling efficiency and competition by position group is also charted.  Atavus critiques our overall tackling form and provides us with new drills each week that specifically address our tackling deficiencies as well as athlete safety.  Our defense produced eight shutouts in 2023, seven of those resulted in a running clock.  Atavus helped to take our tackling efficiency and safety to new levels and helped us to win the 2023 Wisconsin Division 1 State Championship.”

 –  Keith Klestinski, Head Coach – Marquette University High School (Milwaukee, WI)