Atavus Becomes Official Tackle Analytics Provider of National Junior College Athletic Association

We are excited to announce our new partnership agreement with the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) to become the Official Tackle Analytics Provider of NJCAA football. Atavus is the world’s leading authority on tackle performance, analysis, and coaching technique that combines innovative curriculum and actionable data with analysis from successful and experienced coaches in order to improve the performance of players, coaches, and teams. 

The partnership will focus on improving the way NJCAA football programs, specifically on defense, approach tackling on the field. Atavus will equip NJCAA coaches and players with the tools they need to improve performance, inspire confidence, and increase player safety.

“Atavus is excited to partner with the NJCAA in a revolutionary partnership that focuses on the health and safety of all NJCAA football programs,” said Terrence Wheatley, Vice President of Partnership Development. “Atavus will provide invaluable information and resources to all NJCAA coaches and players in an effort to increase player safety and overall defensive performance. By focusing on more than rule changes and equipment innovation, Atavus & the NJCAA are now setting the standard for player safety.”

Highlights of the partnership include NJCAA football coaches receiving instant access to Atavus coaching resources and additional analytics software, at an NJCAA discounted rate. Atavus will also provide assistance with tackling and player safety at select NJCAA camps or clinics. 

“The NJCAA looks forward to this new partnership with Atavus and providing additional resources and analytics to our football programs,” stated Dr. Christopher Parker, NJCAA President & CEO. “We are putting player safety at the forefront and making a conscious effort to provide resources at a great value to our coaches in order to increase the overall safety and performance of all NJCAA football programs.”

Learn more today about the tackling analytics Atavus is providing to elevate the game.